Israeli Settler’s Stone Smashes Innocent Face


10-year-old Palestinian child Zein Jaber will soon undergo a complicated operation for his lower jaw after he was savagely assailed by Israeli colonial settlers.

Last Thursday, while the sun was about to disappear, the Palestinian family of Jaber was moving on a road near the settlement of Beit El, which was built on stolen lands some kilometres to the north of Ramallah.

Despite that the season of summer usually approaches distances, in occupied Palestine it is something different. Jaber’s family always need plenty of hours to surpass a series of Israeli military checkpoints, which are installed in the Palestinian lands like a hard fork in the throat, to finally reach the house of their relative, Zein’s grandmother, each time they want to pay a visit.

On their way along to the assigned house, the mother’s heartbeat was accelerating at every Israeli military checkpoint they reached. Ultimately, they ended up thanking God that they had survived many possible attacks.

Unfortunately, the family did not exactly recognize that their way back would be fraught with danger called “settlers” and would end with a plight in the form of severe wounds and fractures.

Passing near the mentioned settlement that eats up huge areas of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, the family were astonished by a barrage of stones thrown at them from above and Molotov cocktails that directly targeted places close to where family members were seated.

Some minutes passed until the family recognized that they miraculously survived the Molotov cocktails, but the bulk of the settlers’ stones were meant to distort the face of the family’s little child, Zein.

The family tried to regain their strength and fled the scene to the nearest hospital. They found that Zein had suffered major facial injuries and had his jaw and teeth broken. Now, he has to undergo surgery to rehabilitate what is damaged and distorted by settlers’ treacherous stones.

In a recent interview with Yazan’s father, he reported that his little son had been subjected to an operation, particularly in his jaw, yet it wasn’t enough to revive the original face of the child”.

For Palestinians, nothing will be revived unless Israeli occupation decays.

“The child’s teeth were broken as the stone directly struck his face,” added the grieving father.

Since the new academic year has just started in occupied Palestine, Zein will not be able to attend any of his classes at the current time.

With a deep sigh and a lifeless face gesture, the father concluded, “Time will heal his facial wounds but the painful memory will leave deeper scars over time.”

Colonial Israeli settlers’ militias are always carrying out systematic attacks on roads near settlements, targeting Palestinians and their vehicles. These aggressive and barbaric actions result in severe injuries and many times in the death of others.

In August 2023, 19 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers’ attacks in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

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