Israeli Settlers Promote New Settlement Maps in Masafer Yatta


Israeli settlers embarked on a provocative mission on Wednesday evening, September 27, 2023, aiming to advance their expansionist agenda by laying claim to approximately 400 dunams of land in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron.

According to Ratib Jubour, the coordinator of the National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, these settlers have been conducting provocative patrols within the residential areas of Masafer.

They are actively promoting new maps that outline their intentions to seize numerous dunams of land from local Palestinians in favor of the Carmiel settlement, which stands on lands belonging to the village of Al-Karmel.

In response to these actions, Khalil Al-Hathaleen, the head of the Um Al-Khair village council, emphasized that the lands in question, as depicted on the settlers’ expansionist maps, amount to no less than 400 dunams and are owned by several Yatta families.

Al-Hathaleen further highlighted that the settlers distributed their settlement plan under the protection of occupation forces in various neighborhoods of the Masafer villages.

They issued threats to local Palestinians, warning them against cultivating or approaching these lands.

Moreover, they demanded that the village council remove the water network from these areas, adding to the concerns of the affected communities.

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