Israeli Settlers Erect New Illegal Outpost on Palestinian Land in West Bank


A group of Israeli settlers seized a Palestinian land and a water well in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah, and established a new settlement outpost on Tuesday, according to local sources.

The sources said that the settlers, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, stormed the area and placed tents on the land, which belongs to several Palestinian families. They also took over a water well that serves as the main source of irrigation for the nearby agricultural lands.

The sources added that the settlers prevented the Palestinian owners from accessing their land and water well, and threatened them with violence if they tried to approach them. The Jewish settlers also brought their herds of stock to graze on the land, destroying the crops and trees that the Palestinians had planted for years.

The village of Burqa has been subjected to frequent attacks by Israeli settlers, who aim to confiscate more land for the expansion of the nearby illegal settlements.

According to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, Israel has established about 280 illegal settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank since the 1990s, in violation of international law and UN resolutions. These outposts are often used as a pretext to annex more Palestinian land and resources, and to create a de facto situation that prevents the establishment of a viable and contiguous Palestinian state.

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