Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes in West Bank


Israeli settlers launched on Thursday, September 21, 2023, an attack on the homes of Palestinians in the Mas’oudia area of the Burqa region, located in the northwest of Nablus.

According to Diab Hajji, a resident of the Mas’oudia area, a group of settlers attacked the house of Musa Da’is and pelted it with stones, causing damage to its windows.

They also vandalized two vehicles by smashing their windows and puncturing their tires.

Hajji further explained that the settlers attempted to physically assault him and used tear gas against him as he returned to his home.

He emphasized that the area has witnessed numerous attacks by settlers, especially since it is situated along the road connecting Jenin and Nablus, which sees almost daily settler presence.

He also pointed out that the settlers placed sharp metal rods on the main road.

Since occupying the West Bank in 1967, Israel has misappropriated more than 2 million dunams of land there for its own purposes, including building and expanding settlements and paving roads for settlers.

Some areas have been officially taken over by the state, others through daily acts of settler violence.

These two seemingly unrelated tracks are both forms of state violence: the Israeli apartheid regime and its representatives actively aid and abet the settlers’ violence as part of a strategy to cement the takeover of Palestinian land.

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