Israeli Officials Attend UNESCO Summit in Saudi Arabia for First Time


For the first time, Israeli officials attended on Monday, 11 September 2023 a UNESCO meeting hosted by Saudi Arabia.

Following US-led efforts to normalize ties between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime, three Israeli officials participated in the culture and heritage gathering in Riyadh.

Nine Israeli employees are in the Saudi capital for the heritage meeting including a delegation from the Israeli antiquities authority. This marks the first publicly announced visit to Saudi Arabia by Israeli officials.

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Israel’s delegation traveled to Riyadh via Dubai because there is no direct transportation between the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia and received their visas via UNESCO.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia refused visas for two Israeli ministers – Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Education Minister Yoav Kisch.

Lately, the US made significant steps to normalize the ties between the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia after the UAE, Sudan, Bahrain, and Morocco established ties with Israeli occupation under former President Donald Trump in 2020.

For the Palestinians, Normalisation with the Israeli occupation is a highly rejected issue amid the continued occupation of the Palestinian lands and the ongoing Israeli crimes.

Furthermore, Palestinians consider the normalization of relations with Israeli occupation a stab in the back and a clear legalization of the occupation and its settlements built on the stolen Palestinian lands in 1948.



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