Israeli Official Orders Gaza Utilities Cut, Threatens Prolonged War


Israel’s Energy Minister, Israel Katz, has issued an order to cut off water supply to the besieged Gaza Strip.

This decision comes after the Israeli Minister Yoav Gallant had already intensified the blockade on the region, leaving Gaza with “no electricity, no food, no water, and no gas.”

Earlier, Israeli Minister Gallant had issued a stark warning, stating that there would be unprecedented actions in Gaza. He emphasized that the aggression could last for several weeks at least.

Gallant reaffirmed that Gaza is under a complete blockade, with the Israeli military instructed not to allow the entry of fuel, food, or water.

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Mohammed Thabet, the Public Relations and Media Director of the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company, expressed the dire situation of electricity in Gaza.

He reported extensive damage to networks and power transformers due to continuous Israeli airstrikes since Saturday.

Thabet highlighted the immense pressure on the distribution network, especially considering the challenges faced by the company’s crews in the field, as the infrastructure for distribution and supply has been targeted and damaged due to the intensive Israeli airstrikes.

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