Israeli Occupation Threatens Palestine’s Red Crescent to Evacuate Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City


As of today Friday, October 20th, the Israeli occupation airstrikes have killed 4,137 civilian Gazans, in addition to injuring 13,162.

Red Crescent Society Reports: “We received a notice from the Israeli occupation authorities that they are going to bomb Al-Quds Hospital and a threat to evacuate it.”

It is worth mentioning that the hospital includes more than 400 patients and about 12,000 displaced civilians who took the hospital as a refuge, in addition to medical staff. It would be hard to evacuate the hospital as it is required under a humanitarian mission to continue giving services to the sick and injured.

We call on the world to take immediate and urgent action to prevent a new massacre like the one committed in Al-Ahli Arab Hospital two days ago which have resulted in the death of more than 500 Palestinians and injured more than 300.

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