Israeli Occupation Targets Child Prisoners Amid Calls for Support


A systematic campaign led by Israeli occupation authorities targets child prisoners with a barrage of violations including assaults, denial of education, medical negligence, suppression of aspirations, and erasure of identity.

Rami Abu Mustafa, a former detainee, reveals that the occupation is actively striving to separate child prisoners from educational environments, a move aimed at quashing their prospects and obliterating their sense of self.

Abu Mustafa underscores that Israeli authorities are on a mission to erode the resilience and cultural identity of child prisoners held in Israeli prisons, making a fervent appeal for support and international pressure to secure their release from the shackles of the occupier’s confinement.

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Sanaa Zakarna, the mother of Az al-Din Abu Maala, a young detainee, adamantly asserts that the Israeli occupation brazenly violates international law, which expressly safeguards the rights of child prisoners.

Zakarna points out that the occupation systematically subjects underage inmates to physical abuse within Israeli penitentiaries while intentionally withholding essential medical care.

Moreover, she highlights the occupation’s sinister policy of repressing child detainees from Jerusalem in a bid to break their spirits and determination.

Zakarna further criticizes the occupation’s disregard for international agreements and conventions that advocate for the rights of child prisoners.

With a plea, she turns to the hands of Palestinian resistance, praising their solidarity with the cause of these valiant young detainees ensnared in the clutches of the occupation’s prison complex.

Recent data reveals that the tally of detainees held in occupation custody reached approximately 5,100 by the close of July. Among them are 32 young women and 165 children. The count of administrative detainees surpasses 1,200.

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