Israeli Occupation Subjects 19 Palestinian Kids to Administrative Detention


The Israeli occupation has been escalating the arbitrary administrative detention against Palestinian minors without charges so far in 2023, the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies PCPS stated Saturday, August 12, 2023.

PCPS reported that Israeli occupation courts have issued over 2000 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, including women, children, and elderlies, so far in 2023.

There are still 19 Palestinian children under administrative detention in the Israeli occupation prisons, the centre said.

It indicated that over 34 administrative detention orders have been issued against Palestinian kids since the beginning of this year.

PCPS stressed that the way the Israeli occupation practices administrative detention against Palestinians is a flagrant violation of international law and humanitarian laws and norms.

It uses this type of detention as a collective punishment against the defenceless Palestinian people, the centre said.

Currently, there are over 1200 Palestinian administrative detainees inside Israeli prions, most of them are ex-detainees. Most of them have had their administrative detention renewed more than once.

There are also nearly 4900 Palestinian detainees inside Israeli occupation prisons, including 34 Palestinian women and over 180 kids.

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