Israeli Occupation Navy Targets Gaza’s Fishermen


In a distressing development on Thursday evening, the Israeli occupation navy launched an attack on Palestinian fishing boats operating in the northern Gaza Strip. The attack, marked by the firing of machine guns, underscores the ongoing plight faced by Palestinian fishermen in the region.

Locals reported that Israeli naval vessels targeted the Palestinian fishing boats as they were conducting their operations off the western coast of the Gaza Strip. Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the fishermen who were forced to hastily abandon their work in the sea.

This attack is part of a disturbing pattern of harassment and aggression that Palestinian fishermen in Gaza have experienced at the hands of the Israeli occupation navy. Their already precarious livelihoods are severely impacted by the Israeli blockade, which imposes tight restrictions on their fishing activities. Under the current regulations, Palestinian fishermen are permitted to fish within a mere six nautical miles from the shoreline, greatly limiting their access to essential fish resources.

The Israeli occupation has maintained a stranglehold on the Gaza Strip since 2007, leading to a dire humanitarian crisis in the coastal enclave. Moreover, the blockade has obstructed the reconstruction efforts of thousands of homes that were demolished during Israeli military offensives in recent years.

It is crucial to note that the fishing zone remains far below the 20 nautical miles initially agreed upon under the Oslo Accords of 1993. Over the years, the Israeli occupation has progressively reduced the size of the fishing zone, depending on tensions with Palestinian factions, and has frequently shut it down altogether.

Lifeline Threatened

Fishing serves as a vital source of income for the impoverished Palestinian population in Gaza. Approximately 4,000 fishermen and their families depend on this industry for their survival. Regrettably, they face constant threats from the Israeli occupation navy, which employs violent enforcement measures, including live fire, resulting in casualties and fatalities.

Compounding their struggles, overfishing within the restricted area has depleted fish breeding grounds, making it increasingly challenging for Palestinian fishermen to secure enough fish to sustain their families and contribute to the local market. Additionally, the Israeli blockade restricts their access to essential raw materials and equipment, further hampering their ability to maintain and upgrade their boats.

The continued targeting of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation navy is a stark reminder of the grave humanitarian crisis that persists in the Gaza Strip. It highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive resolution that respects the rights and livelihoods of the Palestinian people and contributes to lasting resolution to the conflict.

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