Israeli Occupation Increases Administrative Detentions, Concerns Grow Over Human Rights Violations


The Palestinian Prisoners Club has reported on Saturday, October 1,2023, that the Israeli Occupation is expanding the practice of administrative detention, with the number of administrative detainees reaching 1,319 by the end of last month.
Among these detainees are 20 children and 4 female prisoners.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club emphasized in a press statement on Sunday that these numbers have not been seen in over 20 years.

Furthermore, the total number of administrative detention orders issued by the end of last month was 2,646, including 269 issued in the month of September alone.

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These orders primarily target former prisoners who have spent years in Israeli jails, including years under administrative detention.

Additionally, the Israeli authorities have recently begun targeting a new generation of detainees who have not previously experienced detention.

Administrative detention is now one of the most pressing issues affecting Palestinian prisoners, as the rising numbers have had a significant impact on hundreds of families due to the repeated arrests of their loved ones.

The Prisoners Club noted that the Israeli authorities are using administrative detention to undermine the growing struggle and resistance against their occupation.

Among the detainees, there are individuals who are elderly, ill, and wounded.

The Israeli courts, at various levels, continue to play a crucial role in solidifying the practice of administrative detention by upholding the decisions made by Israeli intelligence agencies (Shabak) during their court sessions.

The Prisoners Club called for the development of a comprehensive boycott of military courts, while dozens of administrative detainees continue to boycott Israeli court proceedings.

The total number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails has exceeded 5,200, including 36 female prisoners and approximately 170 children.

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