Israeli Occupation Forces Open Fire on Palestinian Vehicle, Injuring Two


In a harrowing attack on Friday evening, two Palestinians sustained injuries when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on their vehicle near the “Psagot” settlement in Al-Bireh, located in the central West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported one Palestinian in serious condition and another lightly wounded as a result of the Israeli gunfire.

According to eyewitnesses and local sources, tensions in the area escalated when Israeli occupation forces not only opened fire but also prevented medical teams from promptly reaching the injured individuals. Shockingly, the occupation forces later arrested the medical teams and transported them into the Psagot settlement.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society, a humanitarian organization providing healthcare services in the region, has condemned the attack and expressed its deep concern. They revealed that they received a report indicating that the Israeli occupation forces had opened fire on civilians in the Jabal Al-Taweel area in Al-Bireh, leading to injuries. The Red Crescent further confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces obstructed their convoys from offering vital ambulance services to the injured.

The situation in Al-Bireh has been marked by ongoing raids by the Israeli occupation forces. Local residents have expressed frustration and outrage at the continued Israeli violence and restrictions on their movements.

This incident is expected to further strain relations in the region and intensify international calls for a resolution to the Palestinian issue. The injured Palestinians are currently receiving medical treatment, but their condition remains a cause for concern. The Israeli attack underscores the need for immediate efforts to stop Israeli violations in Palestine.

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