Israeli Occupation Forces Launch Raids and Arrests in West Bank and Jerusalem


In a series of operations spanning several areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces have launched a campaign of raids, arrests, and confrontations, leading to escalating tensions in the region. The incidents took place during the night and early morning hours of Wednesday, leaving civilians and resistance fighters affected.

Violent Confrontations and Resistance in the West Bank

In the early hours of Wednesday, resistance fighters engaged Israeli occupation forces in the village of Meithalun, located south of Jenin, exchanging gunfire.

In Nablus governorate, Israeli occupation forces conducted dawn arrests, apprehending four citizens. The occupation forces raided the town of Beita, searching houses, destroying property, and arresting Nader Ahmed Mohammed Khabisa, Ahmed Khabisa, and Amjad Awad Diab Bani Shamsa. Furthermore, in Nablus, a student at An-Najah University, Mohammed Amin Al-Quqa, was arrested following a raid on his residence.

Violent clashes erupted in the town of Barqa, northwest of Nablus, as rebellious youth confronted Israeli occupation forces, leading to injuries among civilians due to live ammunition and gas suffocation. Additionally, in Hebron, a child sustained injuries from Israeli rubber bullets.

The Israeli occupation forces extended their operations to various towns in the West Bank, including Yatta, Beit Awwa, Beit Ummar, Shweikeh, Turmus’ayya, and Hizma, conducting raids, arrests, and searches.

Tensions Continue to Escalate

In Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men, Mohammed Al-Salaymeh and Muayad Dahbour, from the Old City following an attack by Jewish settlers. One of the young men was reportedly assaulted before being detained. Samir Belbeisi, a resident of the Bab Hatta area of the Old City, received an expulsion order from the town of Issawiya, forcing him to leave Jerusalem and its surroundings for a three-month period.

The Israeli occupation forces have set up checkpoints in Jerusalem and heightened security measures in anticipation of “Throne Day,” a period that is expected to witness increased incursions on Wednesday and Thursday.

These developments mark a significant escalation of tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, further complicating the already fragile situation in the region.

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