Israeli Occupation Faces Scrutiny Amid Surge in Arrests of Wounded Palestinians


The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported a disturbing trend of increased arrests of wounded Palestinians by the Israeli occupation since the beginning of this year. The arrests encompass individuals who were injured either during their apprehension or before it occurred.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the PPS revealed that approximately 60 wounded Palestinians, including children, women, and those who had previously sustained injuries, have been subjected to arrest. These figures starkly contrast with the numbers recorded in the past year, indicating a concerning escalation.

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The PPS detailed allegations of systematic abuse against the wounded, highlighting instances of violent attacks during their arrests. The Israeli occupation have seemingly disregarded their health conditions, using their injuries as a means to perpetrate what the PPS calls medical negligence akin to “slow killing.”

Moreover, the PPS claimed that the Israeli occupation has deliberately continued to restrict the wounded immediately after their arrest and even after they were transferred to hospitals. Many of these Palestinians were reportedly subjected to investigations while confined to medical facilities, further exacerbating their predicament.

The situation takes a more distressing turn with reports of orders prohibiting the wounded Palestinians from meeting with legal representatives. The PPS expressed deep concern over these violations, asserting that they infringe upon the detainees’ basic rights and the principles of due process.

In the midst of these developments, concerns continue to mount over the well-being of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. The PPS, along with various advocacy groups, remains vigilant in their pursuit of justice and accountability for the victims of these abuses.

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