Israeli Occupation Deprives 100s of Palestinian Children of Joining New School Year


The Israeli occupation has been depriving hundreds of Palestinian children of their right to education and attending the new school year in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, by detaining them and subjecting house arrests, the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies PCPS stated today, Saturday, August 2023.

PCPS reported that the Israeli occupation has been keeping 170 Palestinian children in detention, who are school students and deprived them of joining the school and meeting their classmates.

It indicated that those kids are being held in difficult conditions inside the Israeli prisons, and some of them are sentenced to many years in prison.

The PCPS director Riyad Al-Ashqar added that the detention is not the only reason preventing Palestinian school students from joining the new school year, but also the house arrest that the Israeli occupation applies against them by detaining them inside their homes and preventing them from contacting other people.

There are at least 70 school students under house arrest, so they couldn’t join the schools, said Al-Ashqar.

He explained that house arrest means forcibly detaining the child inside his home after forcing parents to sign a pledge that their son will not leave the house throughout the period of confinement, and he is not allowed to go to school, visit his relatives, or play with his peers near his house.

It’s noteworthy that the Israeli occupation has issued over 255 house arrest orders against Palestinians, most of them are children, in Jerusalem only.

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