Israeli Occupation Accuses American-Palestinian Activist of Incitement Against Occupation


The Israeli occupation warned Friday, August 4, 2023, the American-Palestinian BDS activist Nardin Al-Kiswani, following her visit to the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories, accusing her of publishing “inciting messages” against the occupation.

The Israeli Channel 12 (N12) stated on its website that Al-Kiswani “arrived about a week ago in Israel, and took advantage of the visit to pass inciting messages through social networks.”

The website wrote, “Following the N12 trend, the Israeli authorities decided to send a message to Al-Kiswani upon her leaving of the country that bureaucratic procedures will be imposed on her next time.”

The site said this warning against Al-Kiswani obligates her to coordinate in advance before her next visit and also gives the Israeli occupation possibility of not approving the visit if she continues her calls for the boycott of the occupation.

Al-Kiswani visited Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem last week, where she took a picture of herself, which she quickly posted on Facebook, saying, “For the first time I am returning after my deportation in 2015. If you are an American citizen, come to Palestine, and if you were rejected in the past, as happened to me, let the US embassy be ready,” referring to the new measures that Washington asked Tel Aviv to adopt, within the conditions for exempting Israeli settlers from entry visas to the United States, the website said.

The conditions include allowing Americans of Palestinian origin to enter the Israeli occupation state without hindrance.

It is noteworthy that a delegation of American observers visited the occupation state, during the past week, to assess the situation at the Israeli crossings and checkpoints, and to ensure that Americans of Palestinian origin are allowed to pass.

The site stated that Kiswani also visited the Jenin camp, and wrote a post about the destruction the Israeli occupation forces left there in a massive military operation against the camp a month ago.

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