Israeli Naval Boats Attack Palestinian Fishermen Off Gaza Coast


Israeli occupation naval boats targeted Palestinian fishermen’s boats off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday morning, July 29, 2023.

The attack took place in the waters near the Sudanese area as the Israeli navy opened fire with machine guns at the fishing boats, causing fear and distress among the fishermen.

Israeli navy vessels have been persistently disrupting the livelihoods of Palestinian fishermen, depriving them of their right to work and earn a living.

The fishermen face constant harassment and threats, as the Israeli forces routinely pursue them while they are trying to make a living at sea.

The situation has escalated to the point where the Israeli navy confiscates and damages the fishermen’s equipment, further exacerbating their economic hardships.

Since the beginning of the year until the end of June, fifteen fishermen have been arrested by Israeli forces, and five others have been injured in these attacks.

In addition to the arrests, the Israeli navy has seized fishing equipment in four separate incidents, causing significant financial losses to the already struggling Palestinian fishermen.

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