Israeli Forces Storm Ramallah Village of Deir Ezbi, Attack Palestinians


Israeli occupation forces stormed on Monday, September 4, Deir Ebzi village in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, sparking violent confrontations with Palestinian citizens.

Before storming Deir Ezbi, Israeli troops set up a military checkpoint at the entrance to the village, harassing Palestinians and causing traffic jams, local Palestinian sources reported.

Storming the village, Israeli forces attacked Palestinian citizens with live bullets and tear gas, suffocating many Palestinians.

Palestinian citizens repelled Israeli soldiers by throwing small stones, defending their homes and families.

Daily, Israeli troops storm the Palestinian cities and towns of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, detaining, killing, and injuring citizens there.

In July 2023, Israeli occupation forces and settlers committed a total of 897 attacks against the Palestinian people, their properties, and their holy sites, according to the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission CWRC.

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