Israeli Forces Notify 50 Palestinians to Demolish Agricultural Facilities in Nablus


Israeli occupation forces notified Monday, September 4, dozens of Palestinian citizens to demolish their agricultural facilities in Duma town, east of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli troops handed 50 citizens orders to demolish agricultural facilities in the town, Palestinian media reported.

Nablus’s Palestinian eyewitnesses said the notifications included the demolition of some facilities, the cessation of construction of others, and the evacuation of some cultivated lands.

The Israeli occupation uses a variety of tactics to push Palestinians out of their homes and destroy their properties in order to expand illegal settlements on their lands, using many false excuses, the top of which is “building without a permit.”

According to OCHA in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Israeli occupation demolished, confiscated and forced Palestinians to tear down 54 buildings in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank Area C in July only, resulting in the displacement of 66 Palestinians and the loss of nearly 800 livelihoods.

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