Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Youth in Nablus Raid


Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian youth during a military raid on Al-Ain refugee camp in Nablus on Wednesday morning, July 26, 2023.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 23-year-old youth Muhammed Abu Nada due to a fatal gunshot injury directly inflicted to his chest.

Earlier, the Red Crescent Society reported that a civilian was seriously injured during the Israeli forces’ raid on Al-Ain camp, and a woman was injured inside her car intentionally hit by Israeli military vehicles.

Israeli forces claimed to have arrested a young man after besieging a house in the camp. They imposed a complete closure on the camp, preventing entry and exit, and obstructing ambulances from reaching the injured.

Furthermore, Israeli snipers were positioned on rooftops facing Al-Ain camp in Nablus while two houses were surrounded, as reported by Palestinian media sources.

Amid the chaos, Palestinian youths and resistance fighters responded by detonating locally made explosive devices against the invading Israeli military vehicles.

The West Bank has seen a concerning escalation of violence by Israeli forces against the Palestinian people. Daily incursions, terrorizing raids, kidnappings, and tragic killings have intensified, leading to an alarming atmosphere in the region.

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