Israeli Forces Intensify Gaza Bombardment, Cut All Communication


Israeli forces have brutally and inhumanely intensified their bombardment of the Gaza Strip, on Friday 27th October 2023, cutting all forms of communication for those in Gaza.

This comes after Israeli forces have said that their ground forces are expanding operations on the besieged enclave.

The Israeli airstrikes and artillery shells have deliberately isolated those in Gaza by cutting off internet, phone signals and any means of communication with the outside world.

The Palestinian Red Crescent as well as many other organisations have announced that they have lost all communications with operatives in Gaza.

Already at least 7,326 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the aggression and almost 20,000 have been left injured from intense Israeli airstrikes for 3 weeks.

These tolls are expected to rise drastically following the intense bombardment that Gazan civilians are being subjected to.

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