Israeli Forces Escalate Assault on Palestinian Journalists, Sparking Outcry


The Palestinian Media Association expressed its strong condemnation on Saturday, September 16, regarding the Israeli occupation forces’ deliberate targeting of Palestinian journalists during their coverage of peaceful protests east of the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a headline-grabbing development, Israeli occupation forces have intensified their onslaught against Palestinian journalists, which is part of a broader strategy employed by the occupation to obscure the truth and stifle the vital work of Palestinian media professionals, said the association.

The association has emphasized that the international community’s indifference to Israeli transgressions against the Palestinian people at large and press teams, in particular, incites the occupation to perpetrate further offences.

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In a call to action, the Palestinian Media Association urges international organizations dedicated to journalism to break their silence and adopt more assertive measures to hold the occupation accountable, calling for its removal from global press platforms.

On Friday, Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian demonstrators near the Gaza Strip’s eastern separation fence. The protests were in response to the ongoing Israeli blockade on the Strip and in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons.

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