Israeli Forces Detain 530 Palestinians, 42 Kids, 8 Women in July 2023


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained 530 Palestinians, including 42 kids and 8 females, in July 2023, according to the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS).

While detaining Palestinians, Israeli troops raided hundreds of houses, arbitrarily searched them, and sabotaged their contents. 

The highest rate is in Jenin

The occupied West Bank city of Jenin saw the highest rate of detention, amounting to more than 33% of the total detentions, as Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped 175 defenceless Palestinians, including women and children.

During the two-day assault on Jenin camp, at the beginning of last July, the occupation forces carried out a wide campaign of detentions against the camp’s residents, detaining more than 300 citizens. 

The occupation forces subjected them to field investigations for hours after handcuffing and blindfolding them harshly to obtain information about the Palestinian resistance fighters and their whereabouts. 

They were deprived of food for two days, and only hot water was provided to them for drinking during their detention, PCPS said.

Most of them were released after the investigations, but 130 Palestinians, including injuries, have been transferred to Salim Camp for other investigations.

Israeli courts sentenced many of them to administrative detention after failing to find charges against them, which proves that their detention is a part of the collective punishment policy the Israeli occupation uses, the Palestine Center said.

Detained Palestinians in Jerusalem 

Israeli forces detain Palestinians in Jerusalem

Following Jenin, occupied Jerusalem witnessed massive detention campaigns that affected more than 165 Palestinian citizens, including 25 children and three females.

Israeli forces detained 13-year-old Palestinian girl Raghad Al-Sharbati at one of the gates to Al-Aqsa Mosque. She was released later. 

In addition, the Israeli occupation courts issued hundreds of deportation, house arrest, and administrative detention orders against Jerusalemites.

According to the centre, Israeli occupation courts issued 21 deportation orders, which prevent Palestinians to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque or occupied Jerusalem.

They also issued 22 house arrest orders against Palestinian children and 11 administrative detention orders against others.

Besieged Gaza detentions 

The Israeli occupation has been severely besieging the occupied Gaza for over 16 consecutive years by which it controls the life of over 2.2 million Palestinians and isolates them from the outer world.

However, Israeli troops continue to restrict Gaza’s Palestinians by shooting them, launching aggressions, and detaining them in the eastern borders and the Gaza offshore. 

Last July, Israeli forces detained 4 Palestinian fishermen during Israeli warship attacks offshore Gaza. Their small fishing boats have been also confiscated by Israeli troops.

Kidnapped kids 

The PCPS’s head, Reyad Al-Ashqar, stated that the Israeli occupation escalated targeting Palestinian children with detention, house arrests, and high fines in the past June. 

He reported that Israeli forces have kidnapped 42 Palestinian children, 2 of them are at the age of 14, namely Taimor AL-Qasrawi and Ishaq Shahin, from Hebron, who were brutally assaulted by Israeli troops. 

Administrative detainees

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The Israeli occupation has escalated the administrative detention against the Palestinian people, targeting all categories of the Palestinian people.

Israeli courts have issued 225 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, 127 of which are renewal orders. 98 orders have been issued against Palestinians for the first time, most of them are ex-detainees, the Palestine Center reported.

So far in 2023, Israeli courts have issued 1,670 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, including new and renewal orders.

The Israeli occupation claims that the Palestinian administrative detainees have secret files that cannot be disclosed at all, so the detainees do not know the length of their sentences or the charges against them. 

The administrative detainee is often subjugated to the renewal of the detention period more than once, and it may sometimes reach a full year, which is also subjected to renewal.

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