Israeli Forces Deny Palestinian Woman from Visiting Her Detained Husband


Israeli occupation forces denied Monday, August 7, 2023, a Palestinian woman from visiting her detained husband while she was passing a military checkpoint in occupied Tulkarm.

Local Palestinian sources reported that Israeli forces prevented the wife of Palestinian detainee Abbas Al-Sayyed from passing the Taiba Israeli military checkpoint while she was heading to visit him in an Israeli prison.

Al-Sayyed’s wife said she had prepared herself since midnight to visit her husband in Israeli Rimon prison, but Israeli troops deprived her of her human right to meet him and forced her to return to Tulkarm.

She explained that the so-called “security ban” practised against them by Israeli forces deprives them of their freedom and exacerbates their suffering and their detained relatives’.

Abbas Al-Sayyed has been detained since 2002. Last May, he completed his 21st year inside Israeli occupation prisons. Al-Sayyed is sentenced to life imprisonment 35 times and 150 years in prison.

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