Israeli Forces Demolish Under-Construction Palestinian House West of Jericho


Israeli occupation forces demolished on Monday, August 21, 2023, a Palestinian house under construction in Al-Duyuk Al-Tahta village, west of the city of Jericho. The demolition was carried out with the pretext of lacking proper permits, despite the property being owned by Palestinian citizen Mahmoud Ali Tanus.

According to Iṣam Samarrat, the secretary of Fatah in Al-Duyuk Al-Tahta, Israeli forces, backed by over 15 military vehicles and four bulldozers, entered the village and proceeded to demolish the approximately 150 square meter under-construction house.

Samarrat said that four other houses, owned by the brothers Muḥammad and Wadi Ẓahir and the brothers Asʿad and Muḥammad Ali, are also slated for demolition. Furthermore, measurements were taken of one of the houses as a prelude to its demolition.

As part of an ongoing policy of forced displacement, Israeli occupation forces have continuously attacked Al-Duyuk Al-Tahta village in an effort to expel Palestinians to make way for settlement expansion. Palestinian citizens have been grappling with these challenges as they strive to maintain their homes and their community in the face of ongoing injustices.

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