Israeli Forces Compel Palestinian to Self-Demolish His House in Occupied Jerusalem


Israeli occupation forces compelled a Palestinian man on Wednesday, 29 July 2023 to complete the demolition of his house in the occupied Jerusalem town of Beit Hanina.

Local Palestinian sources reported that Israeli occupation forced the Palestinian man Jameel Al-Saou to self-demolish his house, displacing family members including children and women under the pretext of building without a permit.

Israeli occupation escalated the demolition orders against the Palestinian homes and properties in the towns and villages in occupied Jerusalem, aiming to force the Palestinian residents to leave their own lands under the pretext of building without a permit.

In June 2023, Israeli occupation forces leveled 20 Palestinian-owned structures in occupied Jerusalem leaving its people homeless. They issued demolition orders against dozens of others, according to data collected by Days Of Palestine.

In 2022, Israeli occupation forces forcibly demolished more than 209 inhabited Palestinian facilities in various areas of occupied Jerusalem. Israeli occupation also confiscated a number of Palestinian-owned lands and properties in favor of Israeli settlers’ expansion most notably the land of Hamra in the Silwan neighborhood.

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