Israeli Forces Attack Peaceful Protest in Gaza, Wound 3 Palestinians


Israeli occupation forces attacked Friday, August 25, a peaceful Palestinian protest east of Gaza City, wounding three Palestinian protesters.

Local Palestinian sources reported that Israeli troops fired toxic tear gas bombs at the citizens in the Malaka area, east of Gaza City, suffocating many Palestinians.

Israeli forces reportedly fired bombs towards medical ambulances and crews near the defenceless protesters.

Repeatedly, Palestinian citizens in the Besieged Gaza Strip protest along the separation fence in the east against the Israeli crimes against the crimes the Israeli occupation commits targeting the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, and 1948-occupied Palestinian territories.

It’s noteworthy that the eastern border areas of the Gaza Strip are exposed to semi-daily attacks by the Israeli occupation forces, including shooting, detentions, the razing of agricultural lands, and the destruction of some facilities.

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