Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Vehicles, Kidnap 16 Palestinians in West Bank


Israeli occupation forces launched an aggressive attack on civilian vehicles in Hebron on Wednesday evening and kidnapped at least 16 Palestinians in the West Bank in the early hours of Thursday, September 7, 2023.

Reports from local sources indicated that Israeli military jeeps intentionally collided with parked civilian vehicles along the road in the Quba Janoub area of Hebron, leading to significant damage.

The Israeli troops also subjected Palestinian civilians, including children, to harsh treatment, inciting fear among the local population.

During the month of August 2023, Israeli occupation forces and settlers carried out a staggering 851 violations, as reported by the Commission of Colonization and Wall Resistance.


Israeli forces arrested 16 Palestinians in overnight raids across the West Bank, including a former prisoner and a university student. Among those arrested was Sa’id Nakhla, a released prisoner and Islamic Jihad leader.

Local sources said that Israeli forces re-arrested the former prisoner and Islamic Jihad leader, Sa’id Nakhla, after raiding and ransacking his home in the Jalazone refugee camp north of the city.

The sources also indicated that the occupation forces arrested a student at Birzeit University and the former prisoner Anan Saffi from his family’s home in the Jalazone camp.

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In addition, Israeli troops stormed the village of Bil’in west of Ramallah in the early hours and arrested two young men, Nashmi and Luay Abu Rahma, after raiding their homes. They also arrested the former prisoner Omar Hamdan from the town of Turmus’ayya.

The Israeli arrests mainly focused on the Dheisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem, with five Palestinian citizens detained during the early hours. Additionally, a sixth individual from the Asakra village east of Bethlehem was also arrested.

Israeli forces continue to engage in semi-daily incursions and arrests across the West Bank, perpetuating a climate of fear and instability for Palestinian communities. These routine operations involve raids on Palestinian homes, arbitrary detentions, and the disruption of daily life.

Israeli occupation forces IOF detained 510 Palestinians, including 44 kids and seven women, in August 2023, according to the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS).


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