Israeli Forces Assault Palestinians in Hebron; Young Girl Injured


Israeli occupation forces assaulted Palestinian citizens in a military raid on the occupied West Bank city of Hebron today, Monday, October 2, wounding a Palestinian girl.

According to Palestinian media, Israeli forces brutally assaulted a Palestinian girl, causing her to suffer bruises, after which she was taken to the hospital.

Israeli armed units also fired toxic tear gas canisters against the citizens of Hebron, causing widespread suffocation among them.

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Under the pretext of allowing extremist Israeli settlers to storm the “Tomb of Otniel Ben Qenz”, Israeli troops closed a main street in occupied Hebron, which is known as Beersheba Street, widely paralyzing the city.

Additionally, all shopping centers and stores along Beersheba Street were forcefully closed.

Meanwhile, settlers swarmed the site, where they danced, sang, and spewed offensive expressions and insults against Arabs.

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