Israeli Experts Warn of ‘Inevitable Civil War’


Some Israeli experts warned on Wednesday, 16 August 2023 of a “real disintegration of Israeli society” and a state of chaos prevailing in Israel due to the performance of the far right Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“When the religious partner in the government publicly declares that he will not bear the burden, not even in national service, and at the same time also supports unilateral and far-reaching legislative processes that disintegrate Israeli society – cohesion crumbles, the principle of peaceful coexistence dissolves.” warned, Oded Granot.

He stressed that “Israel is marching towards chaos, following the path of Lebanon.”

In turn, the Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper confirmed in its editorial written by Amnon Levi, that the root cause of the crisis in Israel’s society is the “social-sectarian gap,” while the root of the evil prevailing in Israel is the “occupation”.

“The long occupation of other people has spoiled us and caused a crisis, and there is no doubt that the occupation caused great damage,” he said.

“This time [the driver of the current crisis in Israel] is much more ancient and deeper. What drives the simple crowd of reform supporters [led by the right-wing government] is hatred, anger, envy, and the intense desire for revenge from those who had harmed, insulted, and excluded their families and never took responsibility for that,” he added.

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