Israeli Calculated Tactics Against Palestinian Children


In a world that values the sanctity of human life, the notion of children falling victim to violence is universally considered a tragedy of the highest order. When such tragedies occur on a systematic and routine basis, questions must be raised about the intent behind these acts of violence. Recent findings from a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, titled ‘West Bank: Spike in Israeli Killings of Palestinian Children,’ shed light on a deeply distressing reality – the deliberate killing of Palestinian children as a matter of policy by Israeli occupation forces.

The heart-wrenching case of Mahmoud al-Sadi, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy from the Jenin Refugee Camp, serves as a stark example. Mahmoud was killed while innocently on his way to school, carrying nothing that could be perceived as a threat. Regrettably, his story is all too familiar throughout the West Bank, where countless children have lost their lives in circumstances that often yield “virtually no recourse for accountability,” as HRW aptly points out.

As of August 22, 34 Palestinian children in the West Bank had already been killed by Israeli occupation forces in 2023, marking a disturbing trend that surpasses annual figures since 2005. This alarming surge in child casualties, coupled with the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, exacerbates the plight of the most vulnerable Palestinians. It is essential to recognize that behind these numbers lie innocent lives, each with its own story and potential, cruelly cut short.

Broader Israeli Campaign

For Palestinians, the killing of their children is not a random act of undisciplined military personnel. Rather, it is viewed as an intrinsic component of the broader Israeli vicious campaign against Palestinians. While the Israeli occupation does not openly declare its intent to target Palestinian children, statements from certain Israeli officials have revealed a deeply troubling mindset. In 2015, Israeli politician Ayelet Shaked referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes” and called for the killing of “the mothers of the (Palestinian) martyrs.” Such rhetoric is not only inflammatory but also indicative of a dangerous perspective.

Extensive data collected by international rights groups leaves no room for doubt: the deliberate targeting of Palestinian children is a central and calculated Israeli military strategy. HRW’s recent investigations reveal a chilling pattern – Israeli occupation forces consistently shoot children in their upper bodies without issuing warnings or resorting to less lethal measures.

Parallel Tragedy in Gaza

The Gaza Strip has similarly endured this tragic reality, with thousands of Palestinian children falling victim to violence over the years. Despite the staggering casualty figures, not a single Israeli military or government official has been held accountable in an international court. Even the United Nations’ ‘List of Shame for Killing Children’ has failed to brand the Israeli occupation, despite the evident pattern of violence against Palestinian children.

The gravity of the situation demands international unity and decisive action. Accountability must become a priority for all nations genuinely concerned about human rights and the welfare of Palestinians. The ongoing loss of innocent lives cannot continue unabated.

The absence of international will to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its actions perpetuates this tragedy. As the rules of military engagement in Israel appear to loosen, and inflammatory language continues to be used by far-right ministers, the future for Palestinian children remains grim. To end this horrifying cycle, collective action must be taken by the international community.

The deliberate targeting of Palestinian children transcends the realm of tragedy; it is an affront to humanity that demands immediate attention and unyielding accountability. The world cannot remain inert as the lives of innocent children are extinguished in an unrelenting cycle of violence. The time has come for nations to coalesce, to assume definitive action, and to consign this dolorous chapter in human history to the annals of past transgressions by ending the Israeli occupation. Only then can we genuflect to the immutable tenets of universal human rights and preserve the future of Palestinian children in earnest.

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