Israeli Army Tortured Gazan Doctor to Death


The Head of the Orthopedic Department at Al-Shifa Hospital, Dr. Adnan Ahmed Al-Barsh, was tortured to death inside Israeli interrogation camps, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Commission and the Prisoners Club.

Dr. Adnan was abducted by Israeli occupation forces from al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza enclave, following a massive military raid on the hospital, where the well-versed and prominent surgeon continued for days to treat wounded Palestinians after Israeli forces initially raided Al-Shifa Hospital.

Since the onset of war, 18 Palestinian prisoners died in Israeli custody due to sever torture, Prisoners’ Club confirmed.

On Thursday, Hamas movement mourned the death of Dr. Al-Barsh and another Gazan prisoner who fell victims to the brutality of Israeli harsh interrogation conditions.

Dr. al-Barsh appeared in a video bearing signs of exhaustion while serving at one of Gaza hospital during the war, tirelessly treating thousands of wounded Palestinians and showing no threat to Israel’s military.

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In his final interview with Al Jazeera, Dr. Adnan Al-Barsh recounted how harrowingly the Israeli occupation army was forcing doctors and patients to evacuate Al-Shifa Hospital under strict threats of arrests and torture.

Despite the pressure, Dr. Al-Barsh persisted in serving the wounded people, so he relocated to Al-Amal Hospital. Weeks later, Israeli forces advanced towards Al-Amal Hospital and arrested most of the doctors and medical staff, including Dr. Adnan.

Last month, Hamas Movement said that the “Israeli madness” poured on Gaza civilians since the start of war “signals the failure of the Israeli army in the face of the Palestinians.”

“The Zionist deterrence equation based on intimidation, bullying and creating chaos in our region without accountability or control has ended, and we are faced with a completely new equation,” senior Hamas official Izzat Al-Rishq previously said.

Not only mere civilians, but also doctors, medical teams, journalists, and civil defense teams, who should be protected under international law, are at the crosshair of Israeli arrogance and their continued military assault on Gaza.

This was proven on tongue of an Israeli doctor who broke his silence and described that the Gazan prisoners live “deplorable conditions” in Israeli custody.

Early in April, Haaretz newspaper revealed that this Israeli doctor sent a letter to Israeli War and Health Ministers reporting that detention conditions Gazan detainees have undergone compromise their health and violate medical ethics.

He also wrote that inappropriate care at the detention facility has led to “complications and sometimes even in the patient’s death,” adding that this makes all medical teams and those in charge of them in the health and War ministries, complicit in the violation of Israeli law.

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