Israeli Army, Intelligence Knew of October 7 Plan – KAN


The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation on October. (Photo: video grab, via Israeli army)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The number of Israelis captured in the operation was very close to the number predicted in the just-revealed document. 

A document prepared by the Gaza Division of the Israeli army had already warned that the Palestinian group Hamas was preparing to launch an attack on Israel with the purpose of capturing 200 to 250 Israelis, the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation KAN revealed on Monday.

The news of the document, which was also reported by Al-Jazeera, detailed the planned hostage-taking process by Hamas, quoting an Israeli security source as saying that the document was also known to Israeli intelligence, at least within the Gaza Division Command, Al-Jazeera reported.  

According to the Arabic news channel website, Israel’s KAN TV said that the document was prepared by the Gaza Division last September, shortly before Palestinian fighters attacked southern Israeli military bases and settlements capturing many Israeli officers and settlers. 

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The number of Israelis captured in the operation was very close to the number predicted in the just-revealed document. 

Citing a previous report by the New York Times, published last January, Al-Jazeera said that “more than a year ago, the Israeli security establishment obtained a secret 40-page document called the Jericho Wall.”

The document further demonstrates the conflict within the Israeli ruling establishment regarding what transpired on October 7 and what the Israeli army, intelligence, and government knew or didn’t know about Hamas’ plans. 

Despite this, last May, Israel’s Channel 12 said that the General Staff of the Israeli army had conducted an inspection of all military sites in the Gaza Division only 72 hours before the Hamas operation, known as Al-Aqsa Flood.

According to the channel, only one military site, the Yiftach, received low marks in terms of its training and preparedness.

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“The revelation by the official Israeli broadcaster about prior knowledge of the military and intelligence of October 7 is, in my view, an attempt by the Israeli military to shield itself from accountability once official investigations of October 7 take place,” Palestinian analyst and editor of the Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud said.

“The timing of this report,” he added, “cannot be viewed separately from the dismantling of the war council by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday and the open conflict between Netanyahu and the military establishment, currently operating in the Gaza Strip.”

“I think this is a sign of things to come as the unprecedented divisions in Israeli society suggest an imminent breakup in the various political, military, and intelligence institutions”. 


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