Israeli airstrikes target Alastal home, killing 23 civilians


The series of brutal Israeli airstrike continue to take the lives of the Palestinians. On Thursday 26th October, Israeli airstrikes targeted Alastal home in Khanyounis, south of the Gaza Strip. 23 martyrs were extracted following the airstrikes.

Emergency services are under immense strain and have insufficient equipment to rescue people trapped under the rubble of the destroyed buildings. Authorities say around 800 children are among those under the debris and many bodies also remain unidentified.

As the massacres continues, families are also choosing to disperse across the City, hoping to reduce the risk of all of them perishing in a single strike.

Over 6,546 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.70% of those bearing the brunt of the conflict continue to be women and children. Over 17,000 Palestinians are wounded and in need of dire medical aid.

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