Israeli Airstrikes Kill 5 Civil Defense Individuals in Gaza


Israeli occupation warplanes carried out a devastating attack on the headquarters of the Palestinian Civil Defense in Gaza early Monday morning, resulting in the tragic loss of five of its dedicated crew members and the injury of several others.

The Palestinian Government’s media office swiftly condemned this incident, labelling it as a new crime that further compounds the catalogue of atrocities committed by the occupying forces. The incident has ignited a resounding call for accountability, pursuit, and punishment.

In a statement, the media office stated, “This crime calls for a practical international response commensurate with its gravity and requires immediate intervention by international organizations, led by the International Committee of the Red Cross, to protect the Civil Defense teams.”

Furthermore, the statement emphasized the pressing need to equip Civil Defense teams with the necessary tools to fulfill their crucial missions – rescuing the wounded and recovering the martyrs.

In a parallel and alarming development, Israeli aggression on Gaza has continued unabated for the tenth consecutive day, focusing relentlessly on homes and exacting a distressing toll on the lives of civilians.

Reports from the Palestinian Ministry of Health indicate that the number of victims due to Israeli aggression has now surpassed 2500, with thousands more left wounded, underscoring the ongoing humanitarian crisis and raising urgent calls for a ceasefire.

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