Israeli Airstrike in Rafah Claims More Palestinian Lives


An Israeli airstrike in the Tal As-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah has left multiple Palestinians dead and injured. At present, the exact number of casualties remains unconfirmed, as rescue teams are working tirelessly to retrieve victims from the debris.

The attack, which took place earlier today, marks yet another devastating massacre by the Israeli occupation in a region already besieged. According to the most recent official statistics, this latest airstrike has further raised the grim tally of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip since the 7th of October to a staggering 4,385.

What makes this situation even more heartbreaking is that at least 1,756 of these victims were children. These numbers serve as a stark reminder of the severe human toll this prolonged and deeply entrenched Israeli aggression has taken on innocent lives.

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