Israeli Air Raid Claims Lives of Al Jazeera Journalist’s Family Members



On the 25th of October, an Israeli warplane targeted the house of Wael Aldahdouh, a correspondent of Al Jazeera. This air strike killed his wife, son and daughter after they had evacuated to Alnusirat refugee camp.


The Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) deals with the protection of civilians in times of armed conflict including family members of journalists. It specifically prohibits violence, intimidation and acts of terrorism against civilians. A convention Israel has now breached countless times with 23 journalists killed in the last 18 days alone.


Wael Aldadouh has been working as a reporter and official in the Al Jazeera office in the Gaza Strip since 2004. He continues to bravely report in Gaza despite this tragedy which has befallen his family.


As of October 25th, 6,546 Palestinians have been killed including 2,300 children.

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