Israel to Challenge Suez Canal Revenues with High-Speed Railway Project


Israel’s ambitions for a high-speed railway connection to Eilat have sparked a flurry of media attention as it aims to compete with the Suez Canal’s lucrative annual earnings of around nine billion dollars for Egypt.

In a recent report by “Israel Defense” magazine, a publication linked to the Israeli occupation army, the proposal for a high-speed train linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean has been thrust into the spotlight once again.

As Israel revs up its plans, an undercurrent of competition with Egypt looms large, with the Israeli government aiming to challenge the substantial profits of the Suez Canal.

Ami Rojkes Dombe, the article’s author, highlighted the Israeli endeavor to create a swift freight train route from Eilat on the Red Sea to either Haifa or Ashkelon, both Mediterranean-facing cities.

This project, if realized, could potentially pose a significant challenge to the Suez Canal’s dominance and impact Egypt’s canal-derived income adversely.

During a weekly cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared insights into an expansive railway blueprint stretching from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

He emphasized the potential to transport cargo seamlessly by rail between Eilat and Mediterranean ports, envisioning an intricate rail network that could even extend connections to Saudi Arabia and the broader Arabian Peninsula.

The magazine pointed out that the upcoming high-speed Israeli train, intended to connect the Red Sea to the Mediterranean as a competitor to the Suez Canal, is an idea originating from the Zionist leader and founder, Theodor Herzl.

Source: Egypt Independent

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