Israel Received 5 Cargo Planes Loaded with Weapons Since Start of War on Gaza


The Israeli Ministry of Defense said that Tel Aviv received supplies of 45 cargo planes loaded with weapons from outside the country, without specifying the sources of those military supplies, Business Insider reported

The ministry reported in a statement that 45 cargo planes had arrived to the Israeli occupation since October 7, between the occupation army and the Palestinian resistance.

The statement said, “The Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Army announced the successful arrival of an additional cargo plane to Ramon Airport near Eilat (south) earlier this morning, Friday.”

The statement indicated that the shipment of military supplies received today includes military ambulances, medical equipment for the use of the Israeli troops, and various other resources to enhance the military readiness and ability.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense did not specify the source of this shipment. The Israeli Ministry of Defense said, “This plane is the 45th plane to land in Israel as part of a coordinated initiative led by the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Army.” It confirmed that about 1,000 tons of weapons, including various weapons, have arrived in Israel, designed to support the Israeli army’s offensive plans.

Yesterday, Thursday, Israel announced the arrival of another batch of weapons from the United States.

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