Israel Kills 6 Palestinians in Less Than 24 Hours


In a heartbreaking series of events, six young Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire in the West Bank and Gaza in less than 24 hours.

Jericho  Dawn Raid

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, 19-year-old Dargham Mohammad Al-Akhras was killed after sustaining injuries from Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire during their incursion into Aqaba Jaber Camp in Jericho.

Israeli forces entered the camp with a significant number of military vehicles, sparking confrontations that resulted in the tragic loss of Al-Akhras.

The Ministry of Health issued a statement confirming the young Al-Akhras’s death, revealing that he fell victim to an Israeli sniper’s fatal shot to the head during the incursion into Aqaba Jaber Camp.

Eyewitness accounts detailed the Israeli forces’ entry into Aqaba Jaber, utilizing multiple military vehicles and conducting extensive searches throughout the area. Subsequently, additional military reinforcements were dispatched to the camp.

Jenin Camp: A Battlefield

Yesterday evening, resistance fighters detected a special unit of the Israeli occupation attempting to infiltrate Jenin Camp. They bravely targeted the unit with a heavy barrage of gunfire and detonated a series of explosive devices, directly impacting the occupation’s vehicles.

The fierce clash with the special unit led to the murder of three young men: Mahmoud Ali Nafea Al-Saadi, 23 years old, Mahmoud Khaled Ara’raawi, 24 years old, and Rafat Omar Khmayseh, 22 years old

Tragically, 30 others were injured, some in critical condition, as a result of the Israeli aggression in the camp.

In the early hours of today, it was announced that 29-year-old Atta Yasser Atta Musa from the village of Marka, south of Jenin, had succumbed to his injuries from Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire.

This further adds to the sorrow, bringing the total number of martyrs in the attack on Jenin Camp to four.

Ongoing Tragedies at Gaza Fence

On Tuesday evening, 25-year-old Yusuf Salem Yusuf Radwan lost his life due to injuries sustained from Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire east of Khan Yunis.

His death occurred during angry protests and confrontations in solidarity with Jerusalem and the prisoners held by the occupation.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has sadly reported the murder of Yusuf Radwan, a young man who lost his life due to injuries sustained on the eastern border of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Additionally, eleven others were injured, with one in critical condition, in various locations near the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

This afternoon witnessed extensive demonstrations, drawing large crowds along the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip.

These gatherings were held in solidarity with the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and in strong condemnation of the recurring attacks on the mosque.

Israeli forces responded by quelling the marches, employing live ammunition and tear gas canisters against the protesters.

Israel’s use of lethal force against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, coupled with deadly raids in the occupied West Bank, has created a state of constant grief and tragedy for Palestinian families and communities.


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