‘Israel’ Issues 21 Halt Construction Orders in Salfi


On Sunday 24th September, 2023, Israeli occupation forces handed over 21 halt-construction orders to Palestinian residents in the town of Sarta, west of Salfit, citing construction in the classified Area (C) as a pretext.

Israeli occupation forces stormed the village early morning, led their military reinforcement directly to a complex neighbourhood, and delivered halt-construction orders for 17 houses, most of which are inhabited, and 4 structures in the northern and eastern areas of the village.

Over the past two months, Israeli authorities have issued more than 55 halt construction orders against Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation presents flimsy pretexts and tactics to force Palestinians out of their homes at the expense of expanding colonial settlements on their lands, using false excuses such as “building without a permit.”

According to OCHA in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Israeli occupation demolished, confiscated and forced Palestinians to tear down 54 buildings in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank Area C in July only, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of Palestinians.

The Israeli regime creates an impossible living environment for Palestinians in the Area (C). The regime displaces Palestinians, unlawfully annexes West Bank territory, and prevents any prospect of a functioning Palestinian state.

Under the Oslo Accords, ‘Israel’ was to transfer administrative control of ‘Area C’ to the Palestinian Authority (PA) over a period of 18 months, concluding in 1998. More than twenty-five years on, however, the transfer has not happened.

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