‘Israel’ Extends Beit Hanoun Crossing Shutdown


The Israeli army has announced a further closure extension on the Beit Hanoun- Erez crossing on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, following an initial extension on Monday.

According to Israel’s Channel 7, ‘Israel’ decided to postpone the opening of the crossing for a further two days on the background of continuing peaceful protests by the Palestinians along the Gaza fence, and in celebration of a series of Jewish holidays in the West Bank.

Israeli army spokesperson said this lockdown came after a thorough security assessment of the situation on the ground.

The shutdown, which entered its second day, has prevented Palestinian workers from crossing into ‘Israel’ and it has affected dozens of patients in need of healthcare outside of Gaza.

Beit Hanoun crossing will be open tomorrow only for patients, foreigners, and citizens of 1948-occupied lands, the spokesperson added.

This recent closure has disrupted the movement of personnel, including workers, traders, patients and medical crews, and it would have a grave impact on the daily lives of over two million people and vital services.

For 17 consecutive years, ‘Israel’ has maintained a land, air and sea blockade of the strip, paralyzing all walks of life and exacerbating the already difficult living conditions in Gaza, where the population is heavily dependent on external access for many essential needs.

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