‘Israel’ Erases Entire Residential Neighborhood in Buriej Camp


On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, a series of deadly Israeli strikes erased an entire residential square at the entrance to Al-Buriej Camp, next to the public garden, in the Middle of the Gaza Strip.

Local media of Al-Bureij Camp-Al-Bureij Tajmana- reproted that at lest 15 heavy missilies targeted, without prior warning, 12 civilians’ buildings of Al-Khatib Family, Al-Jidi Family, Al-Batran Family, and Abu Jalambo Family, Eid, Jaber, Mughari, Abu Hameisa, and others, claiming the lives of all residents inside، at least 100.

Eyewitnesses said that they saw torn bodies of children scattered in the streets in the walk of the fatal sudden attack.

Videos have just been published documenting a number of Palestinian houses in the camp being flattened to the ground, with an unknown number of dead bodies reported and massive destruction inflicted on nearby places.



For the 11th consecutive day, the Israeli military has been carrying out relentless and devastating airstrikes targeting the homes of Palestinian civilians, as well as residential, educational, governmental, and medical structures, resulting in a substantial loss of civilian lives.

The Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 2600 Palestinian civilians, with 10000 wounded, 60% of whom were women and children.

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