Israel Commits Its Largest Massacre Since 1948


The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reported on Monday, November 6, 2023, that Israel committed its largest massacre since 1948 last night during hours of intense and sustained airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the human rights monitor noted that the occupation carried out its massacre under the cover of darkness and amidst the disruption of communication and internet services.

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor estimated that the occupation’s attacks last night resulted in over 1,500 martyrs and wounded, as well as the destruction of hundreds of residential units above the heads of their occupants.

It is worth noting that the attacks on Sunday night were described as “unprecedented” since the start of the war on the Gaza Strip in October of last year.

The monitor received “shocking testimonies” from the residents of Gaza City regarding the “bloody attacks” and the airstrikes carried out by the occupation’s military aircraft last night, stating that they “led to the complete destruction of entire residential areas and buried dozens of civilians under the rubble.”

In addition, the monitor mentioned that the testimonies indicated the presence of hundreds of victims still trapped under the rubble of destroyed homes, with bodies and dismembered remains seen in the streets in the early hours of the morning.

The human rights monitor noted that these attacks coincided with a “complete paralysis” that affected the work of rescue teams, including ambulance crews and civil defense, due to more than 15 hours of continuous communication and internet service disruptions.

The Israeli army had announced that it targeted over 450 objectives during the night, continuing to incite against hospitals, alleging their military use without providing any evidence.

Targeting Gaza Hospitals

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor warned that the attacks last night targeted a large number of hospitals in Gaza City and its northern areas, including the Shifa Medical Complex, the Indonesian Hospital, the Eye Hospital, the Jerusalem Hospital, and the only psychiatric hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Since the start of the aggression on Gaza, 16 out of 35 hospitals with the capacity to admit patients have ceased to operate, and more than 75% of all primary healthcare facilities throughout Gaza have closed their doors due to the damage caused by Israeli airstrikes or fuel shortages.

For three days, the main power generators at Shifa Complex in Gaza City and the Indonesian Hospital in the northern part of the Strip have stopped working due to a fuel shortage.

Both hospitals are running smaller secondary generators that provide only a few hours of electricity each day for essential services.

No Safe Passages

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stated that as Israel intensifies its airstrikes and ground attacks on Gaza, there are no safe passages available, whether for displaced people whose homes have been destroyed or for the delivery of humanitarian aid, especially to Gaza City and its northern areas.

The human rights monitor documented instances of abuse suffered by Palestinian displaced people as they attempted to move towards the southern part of the Gaza Valley, under the encirclement of the Israeli army, which surrounds the entire city of Gaza and divides the Strip.

Testimonies from displaced individuals to the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor’s team described them being stripped of their clothing by the Israeli army’s orders and some being used as human shields, in addition to being forced to cross the southern area of the Gaza Valley on foot amidst the sound of explosions, airstrikes, and shelling.

This is happening while it is estimated that there are more than 1.5 million internally displaced people in Gaza, with nearly half of them residing in 149 facilities managed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), in extremely crowded conditions and inhuman circumstances with a lack of basic necessities.

Thousands of internally displaced people are seeking safety by sleeping on the streets near United Nations buildings and hospital courtyards, at a time when there is no safe shelter, and airstrikes continue relentlessly across all of Gaza.

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor concluded by stating, “Israel spares nothing in its brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip with a comprehensive targeting of civilian infrastructure, residential buildings, mosques, schools, and hospitals, as part of a genocidal war.”

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