IOF Storm Archaeological Site in Town of Sebastia, North of Occupied Nablus.


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the archaeological site in the town of Sebastia, north of occupied Nablus.

The mayor of Sebastia, Muhammad Azem, reported that a number of Israeli occupation patrols stormed the archaeological site in the town, reviewed files and maps, and conducted a survey of the area of the Roman amphitheater.

The town is systematically exposed to raids by Israeli settlers and occupation forces, in an attempt to control its archaeological sites.

The Israeli occupation government recently allocated 32 million shekels to Judaize the archaeological site in Sebastia.

Sebastia holds significant historical and archaeological value, boasting numerous ancient ruins and structures dating back to different periods, including Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic eras.

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