Human Rights Groups Call for Boycott of Israeli Firms Ahead of UN Climate Summit


Human rights organizations have issued calls to boycott Israeli companies specializing in the fields of water and agriculture ahead of their participation in the United Nations Climate Summit (COP 28) scheduled for the end of November in the United Arab Emirates.


These companies are working to improve their image on the world stage while being accused of infringing on the rights of Palestinians in terms of water resources and causing environmental damage in Palestine through the use of toxic agricultural pesticides.


Companies such as Mekorot, Netafim, Haifa Chemicals, and Adama aim to present themselves during the summit as capable of providing sustainable solutions for global environmental issues, all the while allegedly diverting Palestinian resources toward illegal Israeli settlements in violation of international law.


Human rights organizations are working to expose the true nature of these Israeli companies and advocate for Palestinian rights against environmental colonization.

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