Health of Palestinian Prisoner Zaid Younis in Critical Condition


The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs has issued on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, a concerning statement regarding the health condition of 46-year-old Palestinian prisoner Zaid Younis from the northern town of Azzun in Nablus, currently incarcerated in the “Nafha” prison.


According to the statement released on Wednesday, Zaid Younis is facing critical health conditions while behind bars.

He has been experiencing severe abdominal and lower back pain and swelling.

During his previous detention at the “Eshel” prison, he was transferred to the clinic for medical evaluation. It was determined that he required hernia surgery.

However, since his transfer to the “Nafha” detention facility, the prison administration has consistently delayed the much-needed surgery, only providing him with painkillers.


Zaid Younis was arrested on April 8, 2002, by Israeli forces and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.


Currently, Israeli authorities are detaining approximately 700 prisoners who suffer from various health conditions, some of them requiring constant medical attention and care due to their severe health issues.


The Commission has urgently called upon international, legal, and humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately and save the lives of Palestinian prisoners, especially those who are in critical condition and require immediate medical attention.

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