Gazans Held Vigil Demanding Immediate Release for their Sons’ Bodies killed by Israeli Occupation 


Palestinian people in Gaza held on Monday, 28 August 2023 a stand to demand the recovery of the bodies of their sons killed and withheld by Israeli occupation.

The participants chanted against Israel’s racist policy of withholding Palestinian victims’ bodies and stressed the need for the international community to move to end the procedures practiced against them.

The families held banners that said “We want our children,” “Keeping hold of saints is a crime,” as well as “Holding the bodies of the killed Palestinians in mortuaries and cemeteries of numbers is an international, humanitarian and moral crime committed against their families and a clear violation of the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention,”.

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It is worth noting that Israeli occupation withheld the bodies of about 398 Palestinain people killed by its forces, according to Palestinian figures.

Among the total number of Palestinians whose bodies are held by Israeli occupation are 11 detainees who lost their lives inside the Israeli jails due to deliberate medical negligence, in addition to 14 children.

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