French City of Lyon to Screen “Yalla Gaza” Movie


Palestinian 69 Association in France has called on pro-Palestine people to attend a solidarity event featuring the screening of the “Yalla Gaza” film, which will be convened on October 4th, 2023 at the Opera Lyon cinema.

The film, which is directed by the French filmmaker Roland Nurier, portrays the longstanding suffering Palestinians have been enduring under the Israeli 17-year-old blockade and spots light, in the meantime, on their long-lasting hope that fills the hearts of elderly, children and youths living in the Gaza Strip.

With the participation of Palestinian activist Mariam Abu Daqqa, this documentary film is unique in that it is also spoken in different languages and narrates the history of Palestine and a bunch of heroic stories of the Gaza people.

Through its various parts that almost cover all spectrums of Palestinian life, the film highlights Palestinians’ love for life, their resilience and determination in the face of Israel’s imminent attempts of displacement.

For young Palestinians in the diaspora, art and national dance, Dabka, represents hope of return. Participators view traditional Palestinian Dabka as a language through which Palestinian artists convey messages of determination, life, and creativity that are understood by people worldwide.

The language of the body is a universal language that transcends borders and is understood by people from all walks of life, a participator added.

Yallah Gaza is a documentary in its most classic form, featuring interviews with experts, witnesses and victims of Israel’s years-long blockade and bombing of the Gaza Strip, punctuated by beautiful images of the places where the action or the theme of the film takes place.

There are images too, of mutilated children, wounded by Israeli army bullets, who do not complain, who play soccer with crutches, who have even learned to do some acrobatics.

French City of Lyon to Screen "Yalla Gaza" Movie
French City of Lyon to Screen “Yalla Gaza” Movie

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