Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing


Across the world, grassroots groups are engaged in sustained efforts to mobilize for indigenous rights to land and resources, to sustainability, against the exploitation of farmers, against climate colonialism and false solutions to combat it. 

Palestine is a part of these mobilizations. Apartheid Israel has been ethnically cleansing Indigenous Palestinians from their homes, their land, their villages and farms for decades. Israeli companies like Mekorot and Netafim steal resources from Palestinians and direct them to illegal colonial settlements. The same companies greenwash their crimes by posturing as companies that provide sustainable “solutions” across the world, when in reality these false solutions enable privatization of resources and exploit local communities. Other Israeli companies like Haifa Chemicals and Adama contribute to the destruction brought on by agrotoxics.

So-called “charity organizations” like the racist and colonial Jewish National Fund build ‘parks’ atop ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages to hide them. And companies like Siemens and Chevron profit from business with fossil gas that fuels Israeli apartheid and its grave violations of Palestinian rights on the one hand and the climate crisis on the other. 

Companies like HD Hyundai, PUMA, AXA and Barclays claim to be concerned about climate justice while being complicit in apartheid against Palestinians. Climate summits like the upcoming COP28 platform these corporations to help greenwash their crimes while silencing grassroots democratic voices. 

Read the BNC statement on COP28

These struggles are linked to global grassroots struggles for indigenous land rights, sustainability, and against climate catastrophe brought on by corporate greed. Together, we oppose the global structures of neoliberalism and colonialism, and challenge the severe inequality brought on by these structures to our communities. 

On September 4th, join us for a social media day of action to highlight the ongoing campaigns to expose Israeli greenwashing and bluewashing, including at global summits like the COP28. Join us in presenting a united grassroots progressive front against oppression and, crucially, against attempts to greenwash oppression everywhere.


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